Wall Street Baby is once again delivering on its promises.

As you all know by now, the core team is made of skilled traders and now we are starting to roll out our trading course to give back to the community by helping you on your path to financial freedom.

The course will be made of multiple lessons involving psychology, risk management and technical analysis to name a few. We will also have some videos and/or live trading sessions. The course is only accessible through discord and you can access it only after verifying your $WSB (Wall Street Baby) holdings…

You can buy or claim them. There is a chance of you winning a private key with some $WSB tokens!

Silver Wall Street Baby Alchemist front of the card

And so the battle begins!!!!!

Wall Street Baby Crypto END GAME card collection is starting!
13 new cards and a reward pool of 50 000 $WSB!
You will need to collect all 13 cards, read the unlockable content on each and then answer the final question to win a price!
1st prize: 5000 $WSB
2nd prize: 3000 $WSB
3rd prize : 1000 $WSB
4th and lower get 500 $WSB

Wall Street Baby — The Tesseract

First card in the series:

Wall Street Baby WSB

WallStreetBaby is a cryptocurrency token made for the community. Bringing premium WallStreetBaby NFT meme art to Token holders.

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